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By-Pass by M. Giedre Zumbakis
Country Road by Fred Koehler
From Dusty's House by Jane Stevens
Alumscul by William Whiteside
Another Parade by Michelle Stone
Autumn Fest by Catherine Cajandig
A Vermont Lake by Jon W. Balke
Barges by Jack Siegel
Basket Sellers by Jack Siegel
Boat for Demons by Jill Specks
Boy and Girl Together by Jennifer  Scott
Crossing the River by Didier Nolet
Cubewm. by William Whiteside
Cubexview by William Whiteside
Dark Parade by Michelle Stone
Dusk by Gregoria Mejia
Fellow with a Cello by Kathryn Gauthier
Frida - Frida Kahlo by Beverly Ellstrand
Froggy Went a Courtin' by Gilda (Kat) Kolkey
Garden Pots by Lynn Miller
Geisha with Origami Crane by Maureen Warren
Globalization Affects Africa by Jackie Moses
Globalization Affects Chicago by Jacqueline Moses
Golden Carrot by Richard J. Maltz
Grass Types by Gregoria Mejia
Green and Pink Hug by Michelle Stone
Home Builders by Jack Siegel
Image 1 by Mi Kang Choi
Image 2 by Mi Kang Choi
Image 4 by Mi Kang Choi
Image 006 by Robert M. Proce
Image 007 by Tobi Star Abrams
Image 173 by Robert M. Proce
Image 226 by Robert M. Proce
Image 4275 by Gil Ghez
Image 4280 by Gil Ghez
Image 4292 by Gil Ghez
Image z11 by Tobi Star Abrams
In Tune, Not In Tune by Walter Fydryck
Jumping Through Hoops by Richard J. Maltz
Kabuki Wigs (Male) by Maureen Warren
Life by Richard J. Maltz
Mariona by Jordi Pedrola
Michigan Dunes 1 by Jordi Pedrola
Mirella by Pauline Silberman
Over by the Grass by Gregoria Mejia
Point of View by Rita Dianni-Kaleel
Polarity by Richard J. Maltz
Power Source by Jon W. Balke
Rebirth I by Eric H. Steele
Riding by Jordi Pedrola
Roller Derby Rock by Nancy Bechtol
Six Fledgling Crows by Maureen Warren
Standing Man-1 by Eric H. Steele
State Farm Building - Bloomington, IL by Jon W. Balke
Still Life with Fruit by Joan Minsky
Summer Bouquet by June Ericson Zwart
Sunflowers 1 by Joan Minsky
Tango by Catherine Cajandig
Three Generations by Jennifer Scott
Totem II by Eric H. Steele
Twilight in Venice by Sandra Reibscheid
Uncle Jack's Backyard Garden by Deanna Withers Rallins
Untitled by Deanna Withers Rallins
Waiting For Music by Pat Armato
Windy Day #10 by Betty Ann Mocek
Worship Edifaces by Sandra Holubow
An Apple a Day by Lynn Miller
Mulberry Street by Lynn Miller
820 N. Orleans by Kathryn Gauthier
Fallow Field by Kathryn Gauthier
Standing Figure by Pauline Silberman
The Montage by Julia Oehmke
David by Julia Oehmke
Tom by Julia Oehmke