Membership Application Process

The Board of Directors has developed a juried process for the selection of new members that insures maintenance and vitality of high professional standards. Applications are accepted at any time during the year from local, national, or international prospective members.

Please submit the following items for membership consideration:

  1. Five (5) images of personal work via slides and/or digital prints for each medium in which the applicant works. If personal work is in a single medium, ten (10) slides/prints need to be submitted. Works may be submitted on a CD.
  2. A biographical résumé (complete contact information, art training, educational background, etc.).
  3. An art résumé (exhibitions, group shows, juried shows, awards, publications,
    other art related activities, professional affiliations, etc.).
  4. A check for $35.00 made payable to the Chicago Society of Artists, Inc. This check covers the cost of $30.00 for annual dues and a $5.00 initiation fee. If the applicant is not accepted by the jury, the $35.00 will be refunded.
Submit the four items above to:
CSA Membership
C/o Corrie Lou Livingston Glass
383 Banbury Road
Mundelein, IL 60060

You will be notified by mail regarding the action of the jury.

Thank you for you for your interest in joining the Chicago Society of Artists.