About the CSA

The Chicago Society of Artists is a non-profit organization started in 1887. Now well into its second century, CSA is the oldest continuing artist association in the United States. Since its incorporation in 1889, the primary objective of CSA has been the advancement of art.

Early members of the Chicago Society of Artists such as the Albrights, Frances Foy, Frances Badger, and LeRoy Neiman established and maintained high standards for membership. Much of CSA’s renown is due to member versatility which includes painters, graphic artists, print makers, photographers, sculptors, art critics, art gallery curators and art educators.

Today CSA continues to play a significant role in the arts – often far beyond the boundaries of Chicago – by providing opportunities in which artists share their art production and experiences through a continuing series of exhibitions and educational programs.

Board of Directors

Jon W. Balke


Barry Skurkis

First Vice-President

Sandra Reibscheid

Second Vice-President

Norman Baugher

Recording Secretary

David Bechtol


Jane Stevens

Calendar Chair

Corrie Lou Livingston Glass

Membership Chair

Rhonda Popko

Newsletter Editor

Members at Large

Dante Ambrogi

Rita Dianni-Kaleel

Sandra Holubow

James Mesple

Betty Ann Mocek

Didier Nolet

Julia Oehmke

Catherine Cajandig

Bill Whiteside